Long Term Rental

Long Term Rental
National Car Thailand provides Long Term Rental program with the agreement period between 6 month to 5 years which means customer pays only fix amount monthly rental fee. We a wide selection of vehicles as we deal directly to manufacturer in Thailand (Honda, Toyota, Nissan etc.) and can source all car type up to customer satisfaction. We can provide advice on car selection to suite our customer needs and usage. National Car Thailand provide one stop service for maintenance leasing with preventive maintenance and help customer to absorb all kind of expenses including Insurance, vehicles tax, compulsory Third party insurance, maintenance and inspection cost during contract period. To hire from us simply choose your rental period between 6 month to 5 years.

Key benefits are as follow:
Great value for money – Fixed monthly fee for long term rental help to control expenditure with unlimited kilometre
No initial investment and help reduce admin. costs as we will manage maintenance service and provide replacement car in case of accident as well as providing services on claim, tax and plate registration and customer has no risk for resale value
More convenient and improve efficiency – National Car Thailand has branch network and contract with maintemance service centre across key locations in Thailand. In case of accident or emergency we can provide support for vehicle replacement or send schedule maintenance to our network of service centre.

Key services and operation are as follow:
Customer Service
Our customer service team can provides advise and gets feedback from the clients to find the appropriate solution to match with cleint requirements under the most cost effective way which may include providing knowledge on financial benefit and and tax management that customers can obtained from Operating Lease.

24 hour, 7 days a week support
National Car Thailand set up a team that will be ready to coordinate with our services providers in case of emergency such as accidents and make recommendations on emergency issue on the daily basis.

Hassle free on Maintenance and Inspection
National Car Thailand provide services for maintenance and inspects the vehicle over the lease with the Preventive Maintenance Program that able to service our customer quickly and accurately so that the customer can use the vehicle safely in the most effective way. National Car Thailand will arrange for maintenance schedule and inspection of vehicle at client convenient in accordance with the manufacturer standard. We rigorously inspect the vehicle prior to customer delivery and after each repair and or maintenance service to ensure that the quality of vehicle deliver to client is at a high standard. We have partner with service centers for maintenance and inspection intervals across Thailand i.e. Headquarters where we own our maintenance service centre, and in other location around Thailand.

First Class car insurance
National Car Thailand has partnered with Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited to provide 1st class insurance protection on all vehicles. The insurance coverage cover third party liability and personal accident insurance.

Vehicle replacement in case of accident or loss
In case of accident and loss, National Car Thailand will provide car replacement to our customers under the condition specified in leasing agreement

How to contact us?
For further information please contact sales at +66 (0)2-722-8487 or email to [email protected]